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Welcome to Multiplex Time Machine.

This weekly limited-run series is based on the idea that 2007 was a surprisingly great year in modern movie history. It saw bad movies, good movies, and GREAT movies, but more than anything, it saw NOTABLE movies. Every episode of this show will look at a release from that same week 15 years ago, in 2007.

Apr 29, 2022

Not since Ebenezer Scrooge uttered the immortal line, "The shadows of the things that would have been, may be dispelled. They will be. I know they will!" has there been as pure an expression of the human desire to just get a dang do-over as Next, originally released 15 years ago on April 27, 2007. But A Christmas Carol didn't have Nicolas Cage in it, so clearly this is the superior work.

Next was directed by Lee Tamahori from a screenplay by Gary Goldman, Jonathan Hensleigh, and Paul Bernbaum, based on Philip K. Dick's short story "The Golden Man," and starred Nic Cage, Julianne Moore, and Jessica Biel.

Multiplex Time Machine is hosted by Jeremy Latour and Ian Averill.

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